On the road to beatification

The 1947 General Chapter of the Pallottines in Rome advocated beatification processes for the Polish and German martyrs of the Nazi period, including Fr Henkes by name. But this first impulse completely petered out because the beatification of Vincent Pallotti and, thirteen years later, his canonisation soon attracted all attention.

15th September 2019


It was the first beatification in Limburg Cathedral.
On 15 September 2019, hundreds of faithful, including many from Poland and the Czech Republic, celebrated the beatification of Richard Henkes by the Roman Curia Cardinal Kurt Koch.

The day of the beatification

"I warmly welcome you all to the celebration of the beatification of Fr Richard Henkes, also in the Pallottine community. We are happy that we can celebrate the beatification with so many guests here in Limburg and with Cardinal Koch, as the Holy Father's envoy, this is a very special day for us. I would like to greet all the people watching on the screens and the radios, here in Germany, but also especially in Poland and the Czech Republic. You are all following the broadcast and in prayer we are closely united with each other, beyond all language barriers. I wish us a good contemplative service. Let us pray together for the beatification of Fr Richard Henkes and for our support in our time."